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I wanted to take a moment to post a direct quote from an individual I find to be extraordinary, C.W. Leadbeater.  I will not comment personally as I am but a student of these concepts and my words or interpretation may only contribute to further misunderstanding.  However I will continue to post direct passages such as this when I come across something that personally impacts me and would like to properly share.

“… It is exceedingly doubtful whether this phenomenon ever occurs.  In almost every conceivable case man breaks the law through ignorance or heedlessness, and not of deliberate intention.  When once a man really knows and sees the divine intention he inevitably come into harmony with it, for two reasons:  at an earlier stage because he sees the utter futility of doing otherwise, and later because, seeing the glory and beauty of the design, he cannot but throw himself into its execution with all the powers of his heart and soul.  One of the most serious of the many misconceptions which we have inherited from the dark ages is that what is called “sin” is a perversity to be met with punishment and savage persecution, instead of what it really is, the result of a condition of ignorance that can only be dealt with by enlightenment and education.  It may be objected that in daily life we constantly see people doing what they must know to be wrong, but this is a misstatement of the case.   They are doing what they have bee told is wrong, which is quite a different matter.  If a man really knows that an action is wrong, and that it will inevitably be followed by evil consequences, he is careful to avoid it.  A man really knows that fire will burn him; therefore he does not put his hand into it.  It will be found that everyone who does wrong will justify the wrong action himself at thew time of its commission, whatever he may think about it after-wards in cold blood.  So I say that sin as ordinarily understood is a figment of the theological imagination; what really exists is an unfortunate condition of ignorance which often leads to infraction of the divine law.  This ignorance it is our duty to endeavor to dispel by the light of theosophy.”

Taken from “The Inner Life” by Charles W Leadbeater Copyright 1978 The Theosophical Publishing House


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I Like to Think… Do You? No really… DO YOU?

I like to think … Lets begin and end with that and see where we are…

I like to think that there is something more to well everything.  It really comes down the the extent by which you can measure something.  This causes me (@ least) to think in terms that are irrational.  I am no math wiz by any means, but I think they are on to something.  Nonsensical methodologies are the only means by which we can move beyond our current state of knowledge.  This has been shown time and time again throughout history… Einstein, Galileo, Freud, etc… all were totally nonsensical geniuses of their time.  The nonsense that we collectively agree to accept is no more sensible than the nonsensical nonsense that we choose to dismiss.  How about the very real possibility that that which we consider nonsensical by way of un-provability, is in fact unprovable by design.  Why must something be proven to be given validity?  No one can prove anything about God, based on this method, yet millions of people believe in God in one way or another.  Is it really our nature to defeat anything that challenges to go beyond our own minuscule understanding?  I would have to give that some serious thought.  Are we so vane that we cannot accept anything beyond us not to mention financially nonviable?  And there, under its cloud of beautiful deception resides the key.  Money.  I once wrote to an author of an incredible book just like what I am describing here.  The book spoke of freedom and non-monetary systems yet he was “selling” his book… Being who I am I jumped all over that one and started a nice email conversation with this man about this very concept, a concept of contradiction.  You know what his answer to me was when I asked why he was selling his “free” book?  He told me that he used to give the book away for free in malls and public places and the like, and he would continually watch people who had asked and accepted a free book walk not 10 feet from him and toss it in the garbage.  When something is given freely in our society, there simply is no value placed upon it therefore it is discarded without a second thought.  Really, think about this for yourself.  When someone gives you something for free, how do you value it?  Not nearly as much as if you had paid a great deal of money for it, right?  What a sad state this is… Needless to say, I was sent a book for free, including postage, and never looked back.  I continue to go back to Einsteins theory of Relativity… not because I can even begin to understand it, well I can but I have no idea how it all really works.  The point being that Einsteins theory not only applies to physics… but to everyday life, year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second… positional relativity, which may be a redundancy in its own right.  It’s the aspect of time that draws in the concept of further dimensional subjectivity.  not only do we account for conceptual relativity but we must also add in time, which I categorize as a semi-concept as there are specific requirements which must be present to even acknowledge or perceive time, thus making it possibly the purest form of conceptualization.  It comes down to our ability to make use of infinite thinking, for how are we to think in an infinite realm of existence if we constrain ourselves with limits, any limits, most notably unknown limits.  There are no limits, only infinite results based on relative perception.  I believe that we define our own relative perception and it is in no way limited by any known condition.  We are the ones afraid to “step on the gas” so to speak…  So what do you think? Do you like to think? 🙂

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Daily Thoughts

Could you accept that everything that you perceive as reality to be your only limitation?

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