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In The Dark?

Are we all just in the dark?

Trying desperately to make our mark?

On society that cares not for your merit, only judging as a financial parrot?

Do what I do, do what I say

How can we ever grow this way?

I would postulate that all of the understanding that we need is standing within our grasp yet we will never reach out and take hold of it.  Try to imagine your vision of a perfect world… whats in it?  Money, fame, peace, love, etc… You must first let go of everything you know, yourself, your loved ones, even Christ asked us to do this.  Not by way of abandonment, but simply by way of selflessness.  If the greater good called you, would you answer?  If you answered what would your answer be?  Who of us is ready to lay down our prized worldly possessions to benefit the world?  The depth to which we take this as a serious notion translates to our defined actions in this material world.  If you KNEW that there were more to existence after corporeal death, would you be doing what you are doing today?  How do we strive to know this?  Can we attain that plane of knowledge?  Clearly all of this plagues me every moment of my futile existence… Is it truly better to just remain oblivious to all things unknown, never to postulate any alternatives?  Sadly it would appear so.  However, for all I know, this level of suffrage is exactly what we are meant to experience.  Was not the Tree of Knowledge, the test, the test unto which we failed by our own blind curiosity?  What then must be the punishment for deliberately seeking such knowledge?  I would most certainly accept madness in my endless pursuit of likely unattainable knowledge than blindly walk of the cliff with a smile on my face…

But truthfully, aren’t I still in the dark?


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From Beyond…

I am working on thinking beyond this existence…

It allows you to put things into perspective… ever notice that people about to die have this seemingly strange calm about them… all of us who r not dying are freaking out about everything and these people literally about to die are calm and clear? My mother described this exact scenario to me when her mother died… She was suffering badly and painfully from cancer, then just as she was about to die, she experienced this calm… What must that experience be to create calm @ the least calm moment of your life??

How can that be?… See More

It is a difference of thought

So trying to harness that now would be a goal of mine… possibly one of yours???

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Hell on Earth

Just a quick thought for this morning, that was inspired by the movie The Box… What if our conscious lives here on Earth really were the physical manifestation of Hell… ?  You can draw your own conclusions here… I just thought although the topic is nothing new, the writers presented the concept in a new, interesting and startlingly realistic way… aside from all of the Alien undertones that is… So running with this premise, would this make you strive to be a better or worse person?

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You Be The Judge…

So maybe I have not revealed this yet, but I am WAY out there.. Just ask my wife and well… basically anyone who knows me… 🙂  A while back I came up with this theory, while journeying toward God,  that you must accept anything as a possibility to even begin to approach the unanswerable questions we all have.  The problem in general is the unknown condition being present at least as a mental block.  Therefore I adopted the mantra “Anything is Possible” in it’s most literal sense.  This perspective accounts for the unknown condition while at the same time allows acceptance of any point of view without bias.  So before I lose everyone reading, I will get to the point.  I am as much a dreamer as I am a skeptic… Ya have fun with that one… So I can ‘concoct’ some pretty interesting ideas, but I also must test them for validity… all the while keeping my mantra about me. So in doing just that, I decided that if I were able to heal myself in the known way, like with a cut or a scratch, why wouldn’t I also be able to heal every other part of me?  Our bodies clearly have the ‘techology’ to facilitate this presently, are we sure that it is limited to that which we know? Interesting… at least I thought so, enough so to carry out a real test.  A bit of background, I was born with a Congenital Heart Defect, VSD (a hole between the ventricles of the heart) as well as a bi-cuspid Aortic Valve and Mitral Valve Regurgitation/Prolapse (the valve leaks backward to varying degrees causing the heart to have to work harder to compensate for its inefficiency).  I had open heart surgery when I was 3 to make the available repairs.  I have been told all my life that I would need to have the leaky valve replaced @ some point in my life and have thus been on watch, annually with EKG’s and ECHO’s (?) to monitor the leak(s) in the valve and the integrity of the patch (for the VSD).  Incidentally your valves are supposed to have 3 leaflets not 2, like mine.  So back to my test… for as long as I can remember, or at least remember being told, my condition has remained static, no better no worse.  Not a necessarily bad thing, but no better prognosis from an inevitable valve replacement perspective.  So I put my mantra to the test.  Some time ago I decided to focus myself on visualizing my valve “healing” itself.  I spent time in a meditative state, keeping in mind that I have really no idea what I am doing, but again, this is the beauty of my mantra… accounting for the unknown condition, in this case that I do not ‘know’ how to meditate… but does that matter?  I believe that my minds ability is far more powerful than its perceived inability.  You should be able to see that on some level, personally.  I continued to visualize my valve, something I have never seen before (my own that is) being repaired.  I saw it working properly, closing perfectly in a nice healthy red/pink hue.  So I don’t recall how long I did this, or if it even matters, as the mere suggestion of this should be all that is required to initiate the process. Again as anything is possible, I can say that one single thought of this can instigate the actual physical change.  I mean, no one understands how or why our skin heals, or what part of us “tells” it to do so automatically… it just does it.  To me there is no difference in any part of us… Just a little enhanced programming is all that is needed.  I want you to keep in mind here that I did not spend an inordinate amount of time concentrating on this either. As a matter of fact, I am thinking about it right now, in passing thoughts, as I often do, which again should be enough to restart the condition if in fact a restart is even needed.   I went for my annual check up with my Cardiologist and guess what he said to me… “… Hmmm your valve looks great, in fact it looks to have improved…??? You may never need repair surgery…” Yes he actually said that, and he said it with disbelief in his inflection.  So… on some level, one of 2 possibilities have presented themselves here.  Coincidentally and quite unlikely I might add, my heart’s valve just got better… or the fact that my mantra test actually worked.  Either way, if a simple thought can instigate even a tiny change, maybe we should have LOTS more of these thoughts everyday… Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂 Believe in the power that you don’t understand… everything else is just a limitation.

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