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One Point of View…

Would not Jesus have consulted Gods Holy Spirits in such matters as he did upon selection of the Disciples? True leaders with God would be chosen by Him through communication with His Holy Spirits, not by mankind. Decisions of this kind cannot be made by us in our corporeal existence for only in speaking to God can we translate such choices into correct results through His will alone.

Jesus came to serve not to rule and nothing that he did was of his own will, but that of God. Ask your self this question, “Why did not Jesus Himself write the bible?” For if it were to be the most import source for answers would He not have made sure of its accuracy? Would He not have stated this fact? The point being, we have these answers inside ourselves should we choose to seek them out through communication with God through his Holy Spirits, as Jesus did his entire adult mortal life. Your faith requires you to believe so deeply and truly that what you must believe does not make sense to you in reality. This concept reaches beyond that of normalcy as it did even in Jesus’ time to not only the disciples but all those who witnessed His works, along side all of the proof made visible by Him to our mortal sensory perception, which is why it is necessary to hear the Truth directly from the Source. If we are not physically holding a cup in our hand, we cannot have faith that the cup is in fact in our hand, but we must. The mere concept of God forces you to succumb to the reality that anything is possible, most importantly that which you do not know. Just as Jesus walked on water, so to were they (His disciples) able while they saw Him do so, yet even with Him, let alone on their own, they lost faith, thus this and/or any power. Jesus asks us to walk on our own and listen only to the word of His Father as He did by example, time and time again. Jesus was the shining example of righteousness, for at any moment He could have ended his mortal suffering by sinning, yet he did only that which was Gods will, not his own. A political party has no concern for Gods will, and at best they are genuinely concerned with the peoples will and not simply their own. Jesus would be crushed today as He was then for his “political” position, for we are still not yet concerned with the will of God but still our own, unable to abandon our own selfishness and sinning, our own corporeal and material existence, to simply do the will of God.


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Question: How many circles do you see in the picture above? The answer is not 2.

Possibly related…. but maybe not, is the idea that one must accept the incomprehensible as reality for any new ground to be realized. Things that you may have missed or dismissed in the past must now be seen and more importantly scrutinized. Many things are within all of our capabilities, we just look right past them. There is a distinct separation between physical and spiritual existence. You need to find/feel that break to really be able to become aware of anything else. An easier way to describe this possibly is to imagine a car and you as the driver. In this example the car represents your physical body traversing you through life and you in your physical body driving the car represent the higher self of the car; i.e. the car is useless without you. In many ways this similarity can be used to compare life and death. If you let the car sit for months or years without use, it will decay, just like our physical bodies after death. This however does not mean that death in any way affects the higher self. So in death is the driver just no longer in the car? There is no limit to this possibility. On topic would also be that abuse to the vehicle has a negative effect on its longevity and performance, just like on our physical bodies. Conversely, if we develop the car, i.e. tune up the motor, change the oil, rotate the tires, the vehicle performs better…. also keep in mind the environment the car is in; snow, rain, off-road, racing, etc… All will require very specific tuning of the vehicle for optimal performance or even any performance at all; i.e racing slicks for mud racing? You will go no where. The point being that most people are ill-equipped for the journey and worse yet, they have no idea that they are, or even what the journey is. So if your higher self is using your physical body as its vehicle or tool of the physical existence, it is necessary to get out of the car to see it for what it really is, for if we lived our own lives never getting out of the car, look at all that we would miss. Many of the feelings/experiences you will have on this journey will be totally unfamiliar, seem unreal and be criticized by people you share them with. You are looking at things from a different perspective, remember the car… if you go past a tree at 60mph, is your view of it as clear as if you stopped the car, got out and walked up to it and looked at it/examined it? Would you have even noticed any one tree or for that matter all of the trees available for examination? Certainly not. Not to mention what else is masked by the trees themselves. This is where you are trying to go…. outside of the car to the tree, behind the tree, under its roots and on and on. Most people do not understand this, or even have the thought that this is possible or it just never enters their mind. Not all minds are ready to undertake this type of experience or journey and some that are ready are not as capable as they would like. this can help explain why as a people/species we are so disconnected. This is a life long journey and progress is dynamic, meaning you may immediately progress or take a very long time all changing from time to time and experience to experience. What makes the difference is that you must look at things from this new perspective all the time. It is all perspective. Even in a simple example one can see and understand physical perspective, we used to know the Earth was flat right? That was one perspective. We now have another perspective which was achieved because someone looked beyond and into the unknown. Allow yourself to question what you think is reality, for truly how do any of us know what is or is not real. Do you really think that in the unexplainable universe that there is no more to life? it is not possible to believe that. To illustrate this process physically, I would suggest starting to work on seeing auras. This is something that EVERYONE can do, to varying degrees, and prove to themselves that there is something outside of the normal realm of sight or outside of the “car” to reference my example.

Question: How many circles do you see in the picture above? The answer is STILL not 2.

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“Anything is possible”

As an introduction I would like to start by describing this as a work in progress toward a complete and singular thought about the state of physical consciousness we call reality. It will be a painstakingly tedious process to unveil the most simple and pure aspects of existence and evolution using the least amount of comprehensible written word. You see it is my postulate that to in fact progress in any direction one must first succumb to the reality that the unfathomable is the only logical place in which to start. It does not stand to reason that anything we currently understand as reality would in any way encapsulate what is the idea of the creator or God. No words, no language of any kind only the power of our imagination can unlock the abilities we must all posses, lying dormant within us at all times. Christ himself was able to pass on his own heavenly power to his disciples based only on their belief in seeing him do that which he asked of them. So is it really that unreasonable to believe that we, simply by a focused and concentrated thought would be able to alter reality? What constitutes reality? Physically it is based on response to stimuli creating a condition of recognizable and/or measurable results. Tangibility. However if we are to believe that we are a part of a greater source, then there must also be a belief that we are in fact the greater source.

Such a cliche, yes? Taken literally however, allow this to penetrate deep into your mind and ask what this really means in simplest form. It means anything is possible, however one must step outside of the norm to realize the magnitude of this. Anything is not limited by anything; no known or more importantly unknown condition. That is simply mind boggling. The unlimited aspect presented here is parallel to the idea that space is perpetually expanding. There is seemingly no limit to our imagination, which if properly focused could yield an unfounded amount of growth? I am searching for the concept here… please bare with me while I try to sort it out… Evolve — possibly a better choice? The innate flaw in this is of course “freedom of choice.” For whatever reason, we as human beings have demonstrated for all our known existence, that we can use our imagination… However we do not use it to evolve we use it to derive the most unthinkable atrocities known to any living entity. We choose to over look the obvious, ignore the subtleties all around us, pass by the anomalies… Can we not imagine a civilization in absolute harmony, without a monetary system, without cause for the abominations in present day? If you believe in any God… is there any way you would arrive upon the concept in which God would exist in our world? If we do in fact have the freedom of choice, why do we choose this existence? How can anything physical be of any importance to the “big picture?” It simply cannot. In thought I have some words to list:

– unreal
– unimaginable
– impossible
– improbable

I see my own point here… Does it make sense to measure in negative? Every time the concept of these words and any other like them are uttered we move in a negative parallel with that of harmony. Look at “unreal”, think about it for a moment. What is its connotation? By definition we gain… “lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria; artificial: contrived by art rather than nature; insubstantial: lacking material form or substance.” Even the formal definition of this word has abundant use of negatives. It is a downward spiral of negative connotations, there is just no hope for a word like this in assisting to define anything but a limitation to our psyche. When was the last time you saw anything promoting free thought or “day dreaming?” Does your employer promote any kind of creative thinking? Ya … mine either, oh wait.. unless we are speaking about creatively thinking about saving or making more money… apologies. Not really the intended allowance I was going for however. As it should be clear if you have read to this point I have absolutely failed in my own initial concept, which was to use as few words as possible to describe the most profound concepts for evolution. Better luck next time…

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I Like to Think… Do You? No really… DO YOU?

I like to think … Lets begin and end with that and see where we are…

I like to think that there is something more to well everything.  It really comes down the the extent by which you can measure something.  This causes me (@ least) to think in terms that are irrational.  I am no math wiz by any means, but I think they are on to something.  Nonsensical methodologies are the only means by which we can move beyond our current state of knowledge.  This has been shown time and time again throughout history… Einstein, Galileo, Freud, etc… all were totally nonsensical geniuses of their time.  The nonsense that we collectively agree to accept is no more sensible than the nonsensical nonsense that we choose to dismiss.  How about the very real possibility that that which we consider nonsensical by way of un-provability, is in fact unprovable by design.  Why must something be proven to be given validity?  No one can prove anything about God, based on this method, yet millions of people believe in God in one way or another.  Is it really our nature to defeat anything that challenges to go beyond our own minuscule understanding?  I would have to give that some serious thought.  Are we so vane that we cannot accept anything beyond us not to mention financially nonviable?  And there, under its cloud of beautiful deception resides the key.  Money.  I once wrote to an author of an incredible book just like what I am describing here.  The book spoke of freedom and non-monetary systems yet he was “selling” his book… Being who I am I jumped all over that one and started a nice email conversation with this man about this very concept, a concept of contradiction.  You know what his answer to me was when I asked why he was selling his “free” book?  He told me that he used to give the book away for free in malls and public places and the like, and he would continually watch people who had asked and accepted a free book walk not 10 feet from him and toss it in the garbage.  When something is given freely in our society, there simply is no value placed upon it therefore it is discarded without a second thought.  Really, think about this for yourself.  When someone gives you something for free, how do you value it?  Not nearly as much as if you had paid a great deal of money for it, right?  What a sad state this is… Needless to say, I was sent a book for free, including postage, and never looked back.  I continue to go back to Einsteins theory of Relativity… not because I can even begin to understand it, well I can but I have no idea how it all really works.  The point being that Einsteins theory not only applies to physics… but to everyday life, year by year, month by month, week by week, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second… positional relativity, which may be a redundancy in its own right.  It’s the aspect of time that draws in the concept of further dimensional subjectivity.  not only do we account for conceptual relativity but we must also add in time, which I categorize as a semi-concept as there are specific requirements which must be present to even acknowledge or perceive time, thus making it possibly the purest form of conceptualization.  It comes down to our ability to make use of infinite thinking, for how are we to think in an infinite realm of existence if we constrain ourselves with limits, any limits, most notably unknown limits.  There are no limits, only infinite results based on relative perception.  I believe that we define our own relative perception and it is in no way limited by any known condition.  We are the ones afraid to “step on the gas” so to speak…  So what do you think? Do you like to think? 🙂

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Just Think About It… Who are you?

All we really have to do is think about it right?  But what happens when all you ever do is think about it from the wrong perspective?  How can we even determine @ this point in time what is the right perspective?  We cannot.  It could not ever have been determined from a literally unlimited measure of perspectives coupled with an unlimited measure of positional relativity.  I have said this before, we are our only limitation.  We close our minds to that which we do not yet know, understand or care to give even a minuscule amount of time to.  Does this mean we are lazy?  Maybe.  Maybe because how would I be able to define lazy for anyone but myself?  I would not.  The standard I hold for myself in no way holds any validity toward anyone else.  Not my wife, my children, other family members… no one but me.  If find it very odd that we group together and long for such comfort yet we really are individuals in every sense of the word and are often forced to amend who we are to conform to society, law, love, intellect, fear… the list goes on.  So who are you really? How can you possibly pass judgment onto others without first knowing who you are, but cannot measure equally to anyone else.  Why would you want to in the first place?  What is our desire to be like someone else, like God like a celebrity, a business mogul?  Why do we want to pass judgment on anyone else?  The sad, painful, exciting, motivational point here is that no one knows… But to move in any new direction you must first accept something unacceptable.  What that is, is unique to you.  how about blue is red?  1 = 2? Equally unacceptable.  You are not likely going to wind up in jail or under house arrest for thinking, even writing you thoughts… Just as I am right now, for anyone to read, judge, ridicule, embrace. Yet why is it that so many of our greatest minds, Galileo comes to mind here, had the ability to think in this way and share their thoughts in a time when these things were in fact a reality.  in times when the sharing of information was far more difficult than it is now? How much more insane could it be for a single man to unravel the very fabric of our universal understanding of astronomy by publishing actual evidence in support of these outrageous claims?  He accepted the unacceptable.  Now more than ever we truly are sheep… The question is, without any religious undertones, who is your Shepard?

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