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“Anything is possible”

As an introduction I would like to start by describing this as a work in progress toward a complete and singular thought about the state of physical consciousness we call reality. It will be a painstakingly tedious process to unveil the most simple and pure aspects of existence and evolution using the least amount of comprehensible written word. You see it is my postulate that to in fact progress in any direction one must first succumb to the reality that the unfathomable is the only logical place in which to start. It does not stand to reason that anything we currently understand as reality would in any way encapsulate what is the idea of the creator or God. No words, no language of any kind only the power of our imagination can unlock the abilities we must all posses, lying dormant within us at all times. Christ himself was able to pass on his own heavenly power to his disciples based only on their belief in seeing him do that which he asked of them. So is it really that unreasonable to believe that we, simply by a focused and concentrated thought would be able to alter reality? What constitutes reality? Physically it is based on response to stimuli creating a condition of recognizable and/or measurable results. Tangibility. However if we are to believe that we are a part of a greater source, then there must also be a belief that we are in fact the greater source.

Such a cliche, yes? Taken literally however, allow this to penetrate deep into your mind and ask what this really means in simplest form. It means anything is possible, however one must step outside of the norm to realize the magnitude of this. Anything is not limited by anything; no known or more importantly unknown condition. That is simply mind boggling. The unlimited aspect presented here is parallel to the idea that space is perpetually expanding. There is seemingly no limit to our imagination, which if properly focused could yield an unfounded amount of growth? I am searching for the concept here… please bare with me while I try to sort it out… Evolve — possibly a better choice? The innate flaw in this is of course “freedom of choice.” For whatever reason, we as human beings have demonstrated for all our known existence, that we can use our imagination… However we do not use it to evolve we use it to derive the most unthinkable atrocities known to any living entity. We choose to over look the obvious, ignore the subtleties all around us, pass by the anomalies… Can we not imagine a civilization in absolute harmony, without a monetary system, without cause for the abominations in present day? If you believe in any God… is there any way you would arrive upon the concept in which God would exist in our world? If we do in fact have the freedom of choice, why do we choose this existence? How can anything physical be of any importance to the “big picture?” It simply cannot. In thought I have some words to list:

– unreal
– unimaginable
– impossible
– improbable

I see my own point here… Does it make sense to measure in negative? Every time the concept of these words and any other like them are uttered we move in a negative parallel with that of harmony. Look at “unreal”, think about it for a moment. What is its connotation? By definition we gain… “lacking in reality or substance or genuineness; not corresponding to acknowledged facts or criteria; artificial: contrived by art rather than nature; insubstantial: lacking material form or substance.” Even the formal definition of this word has abundant use of negatives. It is a downward spiral of negative connotations, there is just no hope for a word like this in assisting to define anything but a limitation to our psyche. When was the last time you saw anything promoting free thought or “day dreaming?” Does your employer promote any kind of creative thinking? Ya … mine either, oh wait.. unless we are speaking about creatively thinking about saving or making more money… apologies. Not really the intended allowance I was going for however. As it should be clear if you have read to this point I have absolutely failed in my own initial concept, which was to use as few words as possible to describe the most profound concepts for evolution. Better luck next time…


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