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Let My Stupidity Be Your Humor…

So I get a call from Google the other day, stating that they are considering me for an engineering opening??? OK, so that’s not the funny part, although it is comical in and of itself… I would now like to review the self rating questionnaire I voluntarily subjected myself to…  It was based on a 1-10 scale… the standard stuff right, WRONG…

1- know nothing about the topic

2- familiar with the topic

3- use the topic on a daily basis

4- are an expert on the topic

5- are the”go to” expert in your organization on the topic

6 – could hold a professorship on the topic

7- do hold a professorship on the topic

8- could author a book on the topic

9- have authored and published a book on the topic

10- are the inventor of the topic

WTF?  I have never voluntarily given myself more 2’s and 3’s for ANYTHING in my entire life… Then they went on to the technical questions… Of the 4 questions they asked, the recruiter actually GAVE me the last answer just so I’d have 1 right… LOL

Needless to say, Google will most likely NOT be calling me back !! And if they do… I will ask them why… Funny shit man…


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