Well I thought this was kind of funny and/or an unusual coincidence that I have noticed about myself in the last maybe year or so that relates to vampires or at least it’s popular mythology.  Incidentally I am a fan of the lore itself so this is kinda cool to me, even though it would seem to be a nuisance.  I used to be a big lover of garlic… I can barely smell it now let alone eat it as I get extremely sick and expel it from my body almost immediately, I know gross right… I cannot go anywhere in any kind of sunlight without getting burned.  Not just a little burn but a major burn which doesn’t really tan, just hurts, stays red then goes away in about 24 hours.  I was out golfing for 6 1/2 hours yesterday for example, my face and neck were burned to a crisp… and today, no more than a little redness, but no tan?? And well the last one, isn’t really unique, because we are all blood drinkers (if you eat meat that is).  I guess the fact that I still have a heart beat, although it is pretty erratic lately, regular canine (cuspid) teeth,  and have seemingly no un-natural powers kind of invalidates my claim, but I still find it an odd coincidence.  I just never heard of garlic and sunlight intolerance like this before… Have you?


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