Home-Grown Corn-Cob-Pipe

So I am a pipe smoker these days, following in the footsteps of so many of our fore-fathers… and I am also an amateur corn-grower… LOL as seen in my photo below… just about a weeks growth so far…

I planted about 2 pounds of seed here, 1 each of sweet-eatin’ corn and a favorite decorative Indian corn.  I am already pretty excited with their rapid growth even though they have a full gestation period of about 63 days…  So I have myself 1 $6.00 corn-cob pipe and I thought maybe I could make my own from some of my own crop… how fun would that be… So in about 2 months when I have some corn ready for pickin’ I will do just that !!!  I would like to make something along the lines of the photo below… with a more pronounced bend, as that is my preference, but we will see how far my artisan skill-set takes me… I found a pretty good step-by-step tutorial on how to do this so I will start with that…

Step 1
Find a firm ear of corn that has thick enough pith so you can hollow the ear. Cut several ears and look at the cross sections. Gauge which cob feels just right in your hand. Once you have selected the appropriate ear of corn, allow it to dry.

Step 2
Determine the end that fits your hand. Cut or snap off a length that will work for the size of bowl you prefer. Generally, 3/4 to 2 inches is fine. If you want, trim the bowl evenly. Don’t shave the outer area of the bowl. This gives a soft touch and looks rustic.

Step 3
Use a pocket knife to scrape the center to about 2 inches deep. Do not go deeper into the woody part of the cob that gives the pipe strength. Aim for a final diameter of about 1/2 to 3/4 inch.

Step 4
Fashion the pipe stem. Use the corn stalk, cutting the thinnest part that is closest to the plant’s top. Using a pot holder, heat a metal coat hanger over a flame. When the metal is hot, but not so hot as to break off, hollow out the stalk. Once you have hollowed the stem, blow to clear debris.

Step 5
Cut the mouth piece and opposite end just above a joint. Hollow the mouth piece and cut a flat slice from one side to form a U-shape opening.

Step 6
Cut a hole in the bowl positioned just above where the bottom of the hollow begins. Use a twist drill, carefully maintaining a right angle to the bowl. Bore a full twist in one direction and a half-twist in the opposite direction. Take care not to make the opening too large for the stem. Insert stem with U-shaped opening facing upward.

Step 7
Smoke. The first smokes will burn any pith in the bowl and will season the woody area. New pipes are harder to keep lit. After only a few smokes, though, you should be easily rocking on your front porch, teeth clenched around a homemade corncob pipe.

Here is the link to the tutorial above, ya know to give proper credit to the author and all… 🙂


I just had to post this… Check out this awesome BJarne I just picked up on eBay… look @ the size of this thing… LOL.. I got turned on to these huge pipes from watching my fav pipe guy on youtube… PipeFriendCHS He is a big fan of the extra large pipes and just watching him smoke makes me just want to smoke one too… So now I can 🙂  I have also seen some monsters from Mario Grandi, but nothing for me on eBay currently… I’ll keep lookin’ though 🙂


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  1. #1 by gmconklin on June 6, 2010 - 9:22 pm

    I will post another couple of photos as my corn is HUGE now…

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