In The Dark?

Are we all just in the dark?

Trying desperately to make our mark?

On society that cares not for your merit, only judging as a financial parrot?

Do what I do, do what I say

How can we ever grow this way?

I would postulate that all of the understanding that we need is standing within our grasp yet we will never reach out and take hold of it.  Try to imagine your vision of a perfect world… whats in it?  Money, fame, peace, love, etc… You must first let go of everything you know, yourself, your loved ones, even Christ asked us to do this.  Not by way of abandonment, but simply by way of selflessness.  If the greater good called you, would you answer?  If you answered what would your answer be?  Who of us is ready to lay down our prized worldly possessions to benefit the world?  The depth to which we take this as a serious notion translates to our defined actions in this material world.  If you KNEW that there were more to existence after corporeal death, would you be doing what you are doing today?  How do we strive to know this?  Can we attain that plane of knowledge?  Clearly all of this plagues me every moment of my futile existence… Is it truly better to just remain oblivious to all things unknown, never to postulate any alternatives?  Sadly it would appear so.  However, for all I know, this level of suffrage is exactly what we are meant to experience.  Was not the Tree of Knowledge, the test, the test unto which we failed by our own blind curiosity?  What then must be the punishment for deliberately seeking such knowledge?  I would most certainly accept madness in my endless pursuit of likely unattainable knowledge than blindly walk of the cliff with a smile on my face…

But truthfully, aren’t I still in the dark?


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