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In addition to the singular use of binaural exposure… Some as yet unknown combination of stimuli may in fact represent the true key to unlocking the final step to achieve a pure sense of harmony.  By this I mean that if in fact we are able to “tune” ourselves to the state of the Universe instead of constantly being at odds within the great “chord” of life, finally resolving the dissonant chord and coming into perfect harmony with everything.  What a path toward achievement that would be indeed.  I find it odd that a major focus has not been placed upon this thought methodology.  I have read and seen evidence to support that our aura, a vibration that we all exude, can be manipulated to in fact cure illness… Even if this is totally ludicrous, why haven’t we formally disproved it?  Why are we content to simply accept that it is non-viable?  This I do not understand.  I will continue to work on this topic and expose myself to these experiments and post the results as they are achieved.  I can already say that binaural auditory exposure absolutely has an impact on your state of mind.  To expound on this,  at the very least i have been able to consistently achieve what is refereed to as the “theta” state of brainwave activity, most closely associated with the REM dream state.   From only a 30 minute exposure I have NEVER been able to remain conscious throughout the entire duration of exposure.  Obviously this is not the desired result, in fact maintaining consciousness while simultaneously maintaining the theta brainwave state is the desired conclusion, however my experiences still support a conclusion of success.  other people I have made the recommendation of binaural exposure have had similar results.  I postulate that complete sensory exposure would yield profound results.  The correct combination may be an abstract to say the least, however like all things scientific, experiment is the key to realized success.  I guess I will have to be the proverbial “guinea pig” here.


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