One Point of View…

Would not Jesus have consulted Gods Holy Spirits in such matters as he did upon selection of the Disciples? True leaders with God would be chosen by Him through communication with His Holy Spirits, not by mankind. Decisions of this kind cannot be made by us in our corporeal existence for only in speaking to God can we translate such choices into correct results through His will alone.

Jesus came to serve not to rule and nothing that he did was of his own will, but that of God. Ask your self this question, “Why did not Jesus Himself write the bible?” For if it were to be the most import source for answers would He not have made sure of its accuracy? Would He not have stated this fact? The point being, we have these answers inside ourselves should we choose to seek them out through communication with God through his Holy Spirits, as Jesus did his entire adult mortal life. Your faith requires you to believe so deeply and truly that what you must believe does not make sense to you in reality. This concept reaches beyond that of normalcy as it did even in Jesus’ time to not only the disciples but all those who witnessed His works, along side all of the proof made visible by Him to our mortal sensory perception, which is why it is necessary to hear the Truth directly from the Source. If we are not physically holding a cup in our hand, we cannot have faith that the cup is in fact in our hand, but we must. The mere concept of God forces you to succumb to the reality that anything is possible, most importantly that which you do not know. Just as Jesus walked on water, so to were they (His disciples) able while they saw Him do so, yet even with Him, let alone on their own, they lost faith, thus this and/or any power. Jesus asks us to walk on our own and listen only to the word of His Father as He did by example, time and time again. Jesus was the shining example of righteousness, for at any moment He could have ended his mortal suffering by sinning, yet he did only that which was Gods will, not his own. A political party has no concern for Gods will, and at best they are genuinely concerned with the peoples will and not simply their own. Jesus would be crushed today as He was then for his “political” position, for we are still not yet concerned with the will of God but still our own, unable to abandon our own selfishness and sinning, our own corporeal and material existence, to simply do the will of God.


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