Question: How many circles do you see in the picture above? The answer is not 2.

Possibly related…. but maybe not, is the idea that one must accept the incomprehensible as reality for any new ground to be realized. Things that you may have missed or dismissed in the past must now be seen and more importantly scrutinized. Many things are within all of our capabilities, we just look right past them. There is a distinct separation between physical and spiritual existence. You need to find/feel that break to really be able to become aware of anything else. An easier way to describe this possibly is to imagine a car and you as the driver. In this example the car represents your physical body traversing you through life and you in your physical body driving the car represent the higher self of the car; i.e. the car is useless without you. In many ways this similarity can be used to compare life and death. If you let the car sit for months or years without use, it will decay, just like our physical bodies after death. This however does not mean that death in any way affects the higher self. So in death is the driver just no longer in the car? There is no limit to this possibility. On topic would also be that abuse to the vehicle has a negative effect on its longevity and performance, just like on our physical bodies. Conversely, if we develop the car, i.e. tune up the motor, change the oil, rotate the tires, the vehicle performs better…. also keep in mind the environment the car is in; snow, rain, off-road, racing, etc… All will require very specific tuning of the vehicle for optimal performance or even any performance at all; i.e racing slicks for mud racing? You will go no where. The point being that most people are ill-equipped for the journey and worse yet, they have no idea that they are, or even what the journey is. So if your higher self is using your physical body as its vehicle or tool of the physical existence, it is necessary to get out of the car to see it for what it really is, for if we lived our own lives never getting out of the car, look at all that we would miss. Many of the feelings/experiences you will have on this journey will be totally unfamiliar, seem unreal and be criticized by people you share them with. You are looking at things from a different perspective, remember the car… if you go past a tree at 60mph, is your view of it as clear as if you stopped the car, got out and walked up to it and looked at it/examined it? Would you have even noticed any one tree or for that matter all of the trees available for examination? Certainly not. Not to mention what else is masked by the trees themselves. This is where you are trying to go…. outside of the car to the tree, behind the tree, under its roots and on and on. Most people do not understand this, or even have the thought that this is possible or it just never enters their mind. Not all minds are ready to undertake this type of experience or journey and some that are ready are not as capable as they would like. this can help explain why as a people/species we are so disconnected. This is a life long journey and progress is dynamic, meaning you may immediately progress or take a very long time all changing from time to time and experience to experience. What makes the difference is that you must look at things from this new perspective all the time. It is all perspective. Even in a simple example one can see and understand physical perspective, we used to know the Earth was flat right? That was one perspective. We now have another perspective which was achieved because someone looked beyond and into the unknown. Allow yourself to question what you think is reality, for truly how do any of us know what is or is not real. Do you really think that in the unexplainable universe that there is no more to life? it is not possible to believe that. To illustrate this process physically, I would suggest starting to work on seeing auras. This is something that EVERYONE can do, to varying degrees, and prove to themselves that there is something outside of the normal realm of sight or outside of the “car” to reference my example.

Question: How many circles do you see in the picture above? The answer is STILL not 2.


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