Just Think About It… Who are you?

All we really have to do is think about it right?  But what happens when all you ever do is think about it from the wrong perspective?  How can we even determine @ this point in time what is the right perspective?  We cannot.  It could not ever have been determined from a literally unlimited measure of perspectives coupled with an unlimited measure of positional relativity.  I have said this before, we are our only limitation.  We close our minds to that which we do not yet know, understand or care to give even a minuscule amount of time to.  Does this mean we are lazy?  Maybe.  Maybe because how would I be able to define lazy for anyone but myself?  I would not.  The standard I hold for myself in no way holds any validity toward anyone else.  Not my wife, my children, other family members… no one but me.  If find it very odd that we group together and long for such comfort yet we really are individuals in every sense of the word and are often forced to amend who we are to conform to society, law, love, intellect, fear… the list goes on.  So who are you really? How can you possibly pass judgment onto others without first knowing who you are, but cannot measure equally to anyone else.  Why would you want to in the first place?  What is our desire to be like someone else, like God like a celebrity, a business mogul?  Why do we want to pass judgment on anyone else?  The sad, painful, exciting, motivational point here is that no one knows… But to move in any new direction you must first accept something unacceptable.  What that is, is unique to you.  how about blue is red?  1 = 2? Equally unacceptable.  You are not likely going to wind up in jail or under house arrest for thinking, even writing you thoughts… Just as I am right now, for anyone to read, judge, ridicule, embrace. Yet why is it that so many of our greatest minds, Galileo comes to mind here, had the ability to think in this way and share their thoughts in a time when these things were in fact a reality.  in times when the sharing of information was far more difficult than it is now? How much more insane could it be for a single man to unravel the very fabric of our universal understanding of astronomy by publishing actual evidence in support of these outrageous claims?  He accepted the unacceptable.  Now more than ever we truly are sheep… The question is, without any religious undertones, who is your Shepard?


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