Stan “The Man’ Gooch?

I just finished reading a very interesting book by Stan Gooch.. ya I never heard of him either, but what a great mind indeed.  As always it really got me thinking outside of the box, and I even sought out more of his out of print books which should be here next week sometime… Anyway, I really wanted to just document some of my thoughts on what I read.  I think this will be pretty much all over the place but it is really for me anyway…

A main concept was the possibility of the cerebellum being a equally evolved second brain that actually had a major battle with the cerebrum @ some point in our evolution.  It is the basis for all unconscious thought as it is theorized to be a brain of its own struggling to gain control of the first person consciousness.  It is the ‘datacenter’ of our existence, storing every interaction and experience we have in conscious life.  I think there definitely could be something to this so I bought two more of Stan’s books and will report on the entire subject matter once I have finished them. Wow… is there an echo in here?


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