Web Hosting “To Go”

Ok, so after a great deal of messing around with WordPress, Joomla, webmin and the like, it came to me (whilst on the throne, as so often these things do) that I should just stop playing and deploy my own hosting service.  Yikes !! Mixergy.com is a fav site of mine and a recurring theme from all of the entrepreneurs interviewed there is something along the lines of  “… well I had this spare server laying around, so …blah, blah,blah… and now I am a millionaire.”  So aside from the millionaire part, I mean don’t get me wrong, that would be great, but it is not a requirement for me and my family, I have everything it takes (?) to follow in the foot steps of these other successful entrepreneurs… I am not looking to really do anything new, nor did some of them, I would just like to offer it better, or at worst unique in some way.  Here is a great example, and yes I am revealing a great idea… not a unique one but amazingly no one has done it yet… Youtube.com… great site… but it is just hideous… It could be done MUCH better… on so many fronts… So I am working on that as well… LOL… Anyone want to help on that drop me an email… Seriously! Wow so am I going to make any point here… Yes I am.  I have ‘thusly’ decided to document everything that I am doing and thinking during this process technically and ‘businessly’ as well as it might make for a great blog  AND (run on) for sure I would love to see a complete picture like this RIGHT NOW as I am trying to do this, so instructions or a script that will build everything in 1 execution would be ideal. Hmmm… maybe that is the point of all this, to end up with a ‘turn-key’ web hosting solution and I mean turn-key,  I could brand it and everything… a server offering with all of this but a power button press away from an instant on customer servicing web server…??? We’ll see…  I will probably spend a great deal of my time now on this topic so check back (or don’t), or get the RSS (I think I have that on here???) if you are really into watching this whole thing ‘flesh’ itself out…

So thus far I have played with WordPress (a lot), one of the offerings I wanted to have here would be the LARGEST offering of templates in any 1 place, there are lots of free templates on the web, but not all in 1 place, not even on the wordpress.com site (strange??) in fact they have the least I have seen… So I am talking about hundreds and hundreds of themes available.. the ‘defacto’ deployment repo if you will.  As it stands currently I have a fairly basic outline of a working, but manual (not scripted yet) process for building wordpress on a single physical device (or a pool I would imagine, but that is an entirely different discussion) with any many instances as the server can manage.  That being said, it is not the greatest administration process from a management perspective as well as being totally closed off from any customer interaction with the exception of the wp-admin interface (obviously), but system administration (ya know account creation, file controls, etc…) are all on me (or you).  That sucks. But back to the original point of this opening post, I have the server (2 in fact) so as soon as I get this thing together (meaning usable), I will put it up there for hosting and work through it from there… Stay tuned, I think this is going to be an interesting ride… 🙂


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