Old Eyes

What if your cerebellum had eyes, then would you see?

That being said, what will it take for us to see things as they should be.  I would say that in my stating this I am underlying everything I am trying to convey in this one-liner, but… that is human nature.  I would only venture to say this.  We certainly should agree that we are not “doing it right” currently and any continuance in the same direction is simply ignorance “exponentialized.”

There is however a thought that the cerebellum actually had a pair of it’s own eyes @ one point in our evolution that have since withdrawn into our cranium known better today as the pineal gland.  Do we have 2 different brains? Personalities? Unlocked potential? Who knows, but the more important question is, why are we not exhaustively studying this?  Follow me on this for a sec…  Are we really content to just stroll along and not know what is going to happen? I ask this because we, as human beings, are not like this about other topics.  In fact, in some cases, we are obsessed with finding the answer. Lets take money as an example… What good is money when we talk about non-material concepts? Keeping my personal prejudices aside with regard to money… why can’t we encapsulate that  same sick passion for something intangible.  Are we really that lost? Are we really so satisfied with instant gratification that we cannot see anything else now?  Ok I’m done…


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